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Chapter 1 - The Undeads

1-1 Trading Post

Bernhardt is the leader of the Mercenary troop, The "Grudgebringers". Bernhardt's Regiment is a Cavalry unit, and additionaly there are a regiment of Infantry, Crossbow-marksmen and a Canon belonging to the "Grudgebringers". They have to protect a small Trading Post against Goblins.

1-2 Border Counties

Bernhardt was ordered to the imperator in Altdorf, where he meets his old friend Sven Carlsson who tells him that the activities of the green skins have increased in the border counties. Without the help of the "Grudgebringers" the border counties will fall soon. Therefore the imperator asks Bernhardt to support Sven's regiment.

1-3 Grissburg

After meeting the orks, Commander Bernhardt and Sven are riding on trough the border counties. In a village they are told that some people stumbled on undeads. Luthar Flamestrike joins them to use his magical powers to support them. At night they arrive in the city Grissburg and see the undead rise from their graves. Of course Bernhardt cannot let Grissburg be overrun, so he gives his troops the command to attack!

1-4 Bandit's attack

After cleaning the Border Counties, Bernhardt turns back to Altdorf. There the Imperator requests him to escort his daughter, the comtess Isabell, to Bogenhafen. As reward, Bernhardt is given the command over the bodyguards of the comtess. Furthermore, Bernhardt has to visit Castle Helmgart, which is placed behind Bogenhafen, to defend it against the Undead. Therefore the archers of Helmgart join his company. On the way to Bogenhafen they are ambushed and surrounded by bandits. But Bernhandt will not let the comtess be hurt, so he fights against the bandits. Sven Carlsson is assigned to defend the Border Counties further.

1-5 Defence of Bogenhafen

After the bandit's attack a letter is recovered, which contains the mission to find the comtess. Bernhardt's regiments ride on to the town Bogenhafen, where the comtess should be brought to. Arriving in the town, they are welcomed by the mayor, who gives them a letter marked with the same seal as the letter before. Bernhardt has to make a decision now, either protecting the town and the comtess and arriving to late at castle Helmgart, which is beleaguered by the undead, or riding on to arrive the castle in time, before its fall.

1-6-1 Defence of castle Helmgart

If Bernhardt decides not to defend Bogenhafen, and to leave the helpless comtess to the undead, he will arrive just in time at castle Helmgart. His challenge is now to defend it against the undead.

1-6-2 Taking back castle Helmgart

If Bernhardt defends Bogenhafen he will lose much valuable time. In the meantime, the undead conquered the castle. However, therefore the undead have got a big tactical advantage, the height difference.

1-7 Axebite pass

After the battle around castle Helmgart, Bernhardt meets again his old friend Azguz Blutfaust, who requests his help. He would like to pass the Axebite pass, which is, however, obstructed by the undead. Now Bernhardt may decide whether he helps his friend or not. This is the only battle in the game which wastes no precious time.

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