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The units in Warhammer Dark Omen are divided into three different races: Empire, greenskins and undead. Every race has different units and magic.

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The Empire

Humans, dwarfs, elves and ogres belong to the empire. The empire are the 'good ones' in the game. Imperial units are commanded by you in the whole campaign, the main figure of the game is commander Morgan Bernhardt.

The Greenskins

Goblins and Orks belong to the race of the greenskins. Goblins are probably the weakest units of the whole game. The Orks are a little stronger, but they are still quantity instead of quality. Only at the beginning the greenskins appear often but then you will fight nearly every time against the undead.

The Undead

The undead are the most frequently appearing opponents in the game. They consist only of skeleton, but they are not weaker than other units. They are even the strongest units of the game because they will often effuse fear and try to bring most units to flee. The leader of the undead is the Dread King who must be destroyed by Morgan Bernhardt.

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