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Welcome to our "Dark Omen Fansite"

Goblins, Orcs, there is much to do for the mercenary Morgan Bernhardt. Border counties must be protected and noble people have to be defended. However, Bernhardt soon notices that he has to pour not only green blood.
A cold horror covers the land ......

Dark Omen is a real-time tactics (RTT) game from Mindscape/EA which first appeared in 1998 and is set in the Warhammer Empire. It's the sequel to Shadow Of The Horned Rat from 1995 and uses the Warhammer Fantasy Ruleset.

The undead have struck the land and now captain Bernhardt must eliminate the growing menace together with his mercenary's troop 'grudgebringer'. He has to be Victorious through many difficult battles and then finally face the Ultimate challenge against the Dread King in the front of the black pyramid gates!

This Global Dark Omen Community Website is here to support you throughout this task and offers, among other things information about all units and missions, game fixes, Online Multiplayer games and Community Mod Projects that are Extending Dark Omen further than ever before.

Dark Omen Install Guide 2024

Welcome! it's a great time to join in the fun with our friendly community, who still enjoy modding and playing single & multiplayer games via Discord and Game Ranger

Dark Omen Install & Help Fix Guide for Win 10/11
Watch and follow the Youtube video Help Fix Guide. Since it is vital to apply the easy 5 steps, to successfully install Dark Omen.

The included Mod Pack offers the necessary fixes to run Dark Omen on Windows 10/11 in full 3d Mode and higher screen resolutions. Also extra content such as ->

Single player - There are many new campaigns available to play as different races.

Multiplayer - we all use the balanced FAIR OMEN mod for multiplayer games.

Fair Omen 2 is currently being created for our Dark Omen2 BETA mod, that includes more Warhammer races like Wood Elves, High Elves, Dwarves, Skaven and Dark Elves available in multiplayer and single player campaigns on 24 new maps. Plus all of our latest mods, such as deploy up to 19v19 units each in multiplayer, mixed magic, new 3d Heads, script campaign choices as you journey through different lands.


Advent Calendar Programs and more

Like last year the most important programs of the advent calendar have been added to the download section (click the headlines to get directly to the download):

A new version of the map patch that allows you to deploy up to 15 regiments on any map (regiments must be set to auto deploy).

This patch allows you to use the NPCs like Klaus Zimmermann as commanders of a regiments (with working animations for CHARGE! and so on)

A new version of the Itemcost editor. Featuring additional features like autopatching of the engrel.exe.

This program allows you to edit BTB files using a text editor by converting it to a xml file and vice versa.

Ok this was not in the calendar... This mod features new interesting singleplayer-battles by altering the deployment zones, enemy scripts and units. Beware: High difficulty!

Three Years Dark Omen Fansite!

Wow, this website already exists since three years now! We celebrate today (2/5/2010) the third birthday of this website. Three years ago the Dark Omen Community was sleeping but we were able to wake them. And now we are here. Lots of registered users and many Battles and Tournaments.

Thanks to all visitors for supporting us and to the modders of course for there great additions to Dark Omen.

Finally an update

The last large update in the Campaign Section is more then one year old. After this long time we present a larger update: Chapter 3 has been finished.

Don't worry, Chapter 4 will be finished faster :).

Also some news about the download section:
Flak's Goblin Campaign is available there since a long time but we have not written any news about it. His Dwarf Campaign, also available since a while, has been added too.
These campaigns "only" have the troops replaced but playing is recommended because both campaigns have a nice, interesting (English) story in an external file included.

Last but not least two small files from my personal archive: Modified Empire and Undead Army Files. They allow you to buy the missing regiments in the multiplayer mode. But ask your opponent before using them.

On one's own account: We need tipps how it could go on after we finished the campaigns. Please write your ideas in this topic down, thank you!

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