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Good things come to those who wait.

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As promised, we rebuilded our Forum with some new Boards and olly as a new Global Moderator.

New Boards:

Last but not least as from now the global language in this Forum is English but German visiters can post in German of course.

So we hope you make yourself at home and have much fun.

1 Year DO-Fansite

On 5.2.2008, the Warhammer Dark Omen fansite was 1 year old. We look to the future with optimism and believe that we can survive the next year. :)

Our new publisher olly is translating the rest of this website into English. Because he is English native speaker the quality of the translations will be higher then before :).

At 9pm on the 18.11.2007 The 5000 visitor mark was finally Cracked.We thank all our loyal visitors for your loyalty ^ ^.

In addition, we now have a nicer header Visitor Has been made available, many thanks

The two events have nothing incidentally to do with each other;).

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