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New Provider

In the last few days we changed our hosting provider. Sorry that the site was down for a half day, but (we hope) everything works now.

Our new Provider:


And again Birthday

The second year is gone and we're looking forward to the 3rd one. Today (2/5/2009), the Warhammer Dark Omen fansite turned 2. We wanna say thank you to all of our visitors and hope, that the page will grow furthermore.

Small Registration Problem

We had a small problem with the last few registration, so we have to send a new auto generated password. If your account was affected (= you couldn't login) please check your mails. If you still cannot login, you can try to generate a new password here

Advent Calendar Programs released

The Advent Calendar files have been released to the public today. So everybody who hadn't followed the calendar can now download them.
The following files were added to the download archive (click the bold Headlines to get directly to the download):

The Map Patch allows you to play on any map available in the game (from Trading Post to Black Pyramide + Training Mission). This file is already available since two weeks. If you took part in the December tournament you should already have it.

This command line tool by Rob allows you to convert MAD and SAD Dark Omen Audio Files to ADPCM WAV and vice versa. This is a newer version then the version in the advent calendar.

Have you ever wanted to change the cost of some magic items and didn't know how? Here is the solution.

Last but not least Wh32Edit. It allows you to modify the Dark Omen Army Files (Inspired by Mikademus' Editor Wh2Edit)

Going Global Part 1

The Dark Omen Global Community continues to grow as more members join, from all over the World. Our goal is to Translate the site into as many languages as possible. Today we reached a big step forward. Ignacio (DJLeBomb) agreed, that he will translate the whole page into Spainish. The biggest part is done and so we can publish the Spanish site:


At this point we want to say a really big thanks to Ignacio , that you took the time and will help us in the future:

Many thanks for your engagement!!

Furthermore he had agreed, that he will help all Spanish-speaking users. You can reach Ignacio on his profile or in the Forum.

As a small facilitation we added a language switch at the right side, so it's very easy to switch the language.

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