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"I am the surgeon of sin. I cut it out wherever I find it. Where there are witches I seek them out and burn them. Any Sorcerers I find, I prolong thier torture until death. [...] No sinner escapes my righteous Wrath"
Urblab Rotgut: "My name's Urblab Rotgut."
Morgan Bernhardt: "That's your problem"
Urblab Rotgut: "It's an honorable name among ogres, my name is."
"Come with us - walk with the dead"
"Raise dead brothers, raise and feast the bone of the living"
Necromancer by conjuring Zombies at Castle Helmgart
"Give up your life and lay down with the dead. I have you sourrounded"
Necromancer in Bogenhafen
"Stupid humies, we got the gold, we got the gold"
"We got the loot...RUN"
"The grail rides out, destroy the grail"
Morgan Bernhardt
"Target the hand, it must be destroyed"
Morgan Bernhardt
Morgan Bernhardt before attacking the Dread King
"Give no quarter, no pity, no mercy. Slay and slay again and you might live. Ready now. READY"
Morgan Bernhardt before attacking the Dread King
"Spit out the fear, drive out the dread with bloodlust"
Morgan Bernhardt before attacking the Dread King
Matthias: "Another failure, the hand of nagash is unharmed and beyond our reach. Can't you do anything right ?"
Morgan Bernhardt: "I can chop off a witch hunters head and have my sword back in its scabbard within a single second."
"I don't have your advantage: I can't fly here on my own hot air"
Morgan Bernhardt to Matthias
"Ogers make good fighters. Tell them, they're welcome, so long as they don't drink to much blood during battles"
Morgan Bernhardt
"Ahh Matthias, fancing meeting you here. Have you taking time off from burning innocent women as witches?
Morgan Bernhardt
"How can you repay us? I give you a clue: they're round, they glitter and they fill bourses"
Klaus to the mayor of Bogenhafen
"They are defiling the secret stone, stop them"
"Listen to the silence"
Eusebio The Bleak
Eusebio The Bleak: "They're to the north"
Morgan Bernhardt: "No, to the east"
Eusebio The Bleak: "They're all arround us"
"You will die horribly!"
"By Kislev, my axe will taste troll blood before this day is gone!"
Eric Ragnar
"You smell of death - more than usual that is"
Emperor to Bernhardt
"Death to the living"
"Stand firm men - that which is dead may still burn"
Luther Flamestrike, Bright Wizard
"Hold the high ground men. Purge the evil with steel, arrows and fire!"
Morgan Bernhardt, at the protection of Helmgart
"Death comes to all things!"
"Mork, help us - we 're trapped, humies everywhere!"
Orc, when he see Morgan Bernhardt attacking the Blighted Towers
"I live again!"
Zombie regiment
"I live to destroy once more"
Hand of Nagash
"These towers are plagued by a pestilence that I'm here to cure - With steel and fire!"
Morgan Bernhardt, before attacking the Blighted Towers
"I live to cheat death"
Morgan Bernhardt
"We'll part cold flesh with cold steel - PREPARE TO ENGAGE!"
Morgan Bernhardt in the Forest of Loren.
Matthias: "You're going into hell Bernhardt!"
Morgan: "I was born there; and call me Commander!"
"Your souls will join our dark crusade!"
Black Grail

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