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Dark Omen and Windows Vista

How to run Dark Omen under Windows Vista:

You need the Dll-File "d3drm.dll" or the game will not start. You can download the file Here.
Copy this file to "DarkOmen-Directory\PRG_ENG".

  1. Install the game normally
  2. Put in the DLL
  3. Open the Dark Omen directory
  4. and run the EngRel.exe as administrator.

If Dark Omen crashes after the intro you have to download the following file: Dark-Omen Intro-Crash-Fix. If you use this file you can skip the next three steps of this tutorial.

  1. Now go straight(!!!) to the option menu
  2. Check CPU instead of 3D, otherwise the game will flicker.
  3. Choose the normal mouse cursor otherwise the game will crash.
  4. The other options can be set to the highest level.

If it's still flickering close any other program and start Dark Omen again.

For Further Forum Assistance Vista Crashfix. This will also fix the Alt+Tab Crash.

If nothing helps you can try the Game Fix Guide . Further Ultimate Game Fix Guide.

Now it should work without any problems

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