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Kicked from the Hamachi Channel?

We cleaned up the whole Hamachi Channels. So if you're kicked, please rejoin one of these Hamachi Channels. Thank you for your understanding.

Coffee & Cookie & Dark Omen Time

You may ask, what's a "Coffee & Cookie & Dark Omen Time" (CCDOT)? We will explain:


To ensure all of our New members get to meet and Battle other new and Old Dark Omen Fans, we have decided to co-ordinate our Armies to gather together and have some fun by playing Dark Omen. So we had the idea, that we arrange a date for playing Dark Omen (the CCDOT). No rules, no restrictions, only have fun and enjoy.


Every Friday on 8pm gmt +0 we will meet us in Hamachi and hope, that you will join and we will have a lot of fun.

Date: Every Friday
Time: 8pm gmt +0

So bring enough Coffee and Cookies and ofc. your Dark Omen and let's play.

First Version of Map Patch released

The time has come.
This is the first release of the Multiplayer Map Patch.

It contains 2 maps (Trading Post and Black Pyramide). More maps will follow.

If you have any questions please read the ReadMe.txt (included in the patch). If you can't find an answer for your question you can ask in the Forum or use the Comment function.

Download the Map Patch

That's one small click for us...

...one giant leap for the Dark Omen Community?

Everyone played the Trading Post Level. Nothing special there. But did you ever play it this way?

New Board Rules

We translated the Board Rules into English. Please read it here: Board Rules

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