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3-5 The Northern Wastes

Morgen Bernhardt will reach the Hand of Nagash soon but his journey is again blocked by the undead.

Own Regiments

Grudgebringer Cavalry Grudgebringer Infantry Grudgebringer Crossbows Grudgebringer Cannon Bright Wizard Flagellants Imperial Greatswords Imperial Mortar Mercenary Ogres Ice Mage Ragnar's Wolves

Enemy's Regiments


Like in the previous mission the undead have an advantage in their position. They are waiting in the north for the attack of the Grudgebringer. Many archers and a catapult try to slow down Morgan.
It's recommended to use one regiment to attract the enemy. If it has progressed enough a small invasion will start consisting of a Chariot and Skeleton Horsemen. The Chariot should be destroyed as fast as possible because his attacks are very strong. A bit later a Skeleton Swordmen and a Necromancer will arrive too.
Now the difficult part of the mission starts, if you have no teleport. It is about time to destroy the catapult. A strong regiment like the ogres should be used for this. After the destruction a rush over the left flank should be started to destroy the two archers. But it is not over now, another horsemen and chariot will appear soon. Because of them you should retreat now and attack them with long range weapons.
The final target are the two archers to the east. Now it is time to fight the Hand of Nagash!

Overview Map

Mission 3-5 The Northern Wastes


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