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Chapter 2 - The Jewel

2-1 The Empire

After Bernhardt got new information about the whereabouts of the comtess and his future targets, he takes the way to Sylvania. Of course it will not be an easy quest, so short after his departure he has to fight again.

2-2 Great Forest

On his way Bernhardt crosses the city Kemperbad, in which a regiment of imperial greatswords is waiting and joining him. They are immediately marching on and at night, they discover a forest with flagellants, which feel that something evil is hiding in the forest. This supposition will be confirmed soon, when the greenskins flounce out of the forest.

2-3 The Steam Tank

Commander Bernhardt meets a steamtank-commander, who was right on his way to the Witchtowers, when it broke. The escort was ambushed by the greenskins and they are supposed to come back. Short after the dialogue Clause tells Bernhardt about the first approaching orcs.

2-4 Blighted Towers

Grudgebringers and the other imperial troups march onward with a steam tank towards the Blighted Towers. There, an imperial canon and a mortar are already waiting for troup support.

2-5 Sylvania

After the incidents at the Blighted Towers, Bernhardt continues riding to proceed with his mission. He aims at demolishing Carstein in order to save the Countess of the emperor. During the journey to Drakenhof Castle, again some old troublemakers are waiting for the travelers... the undead! Nach den Geschehnissen an den Hexentürmen reitet Bernhardt weiter um mit seiner Mission fortzufahren, nämlich der Vernichtung Carsteins und die Rettung der Komtess. Während der Reise nach Schloss Drakenhof warten in Sylvania bereits wieder ein paar alte Bekannte auf sie... die Untoten!

2-6 Drakenhof Castle

Finally, Bernhard arrives at Drakenhof Castle. There, he meets his old friend Matthias, who finds the beloved maid safe and sound. She hands Bernhardt an useless gift, the Heart of Woe. Matthias has already discovered that Carstein is waiting for him in the caves beneath the castle. As these caves are small and narrow, no artillery can be employed.

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