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Troll Large and repulsive, Trolls are extremely strong and fight with great ferocity. Their bodies possess a natural resistance to magic and their flesh has the unusual ability to regrow almost instantly when wounded. A Troll can sustain a great deal of damage before it is unable to regenerate. However, if burned they cannot regenerate so fire is their greatest enemy. Due to their hideous appearance Trolls cause fear.



Warhammer Rulebook 1993 Orcs and Goblins Trolls can regenerate damage if they are not too badly hurt. Work this out as follows. When Trolls are attacked calculate the number of wounds the unit suffers as normal. Once both sides involved in the combat have made all thier attacks Trolls may try to regenerate. Roll a D6 for each wound suffered during combat.If you roll a 4 or more that wound has regenerated. Any regenerated wounds are reinstated and models removed as casualties are replaced if enough wounds are regnerated.

The results of combat are worked out after the Trolls have regenerated and the number of wounds inflicted in them does not include any that are regenerated.For example 3 trolls are fighting 5 empire knights.The knights strike first and inflict 5 wounds, enough to kill one troll and acsue 2 further wounds. The remaining 2 Trolls inflict 3 wounds on the kinghts.The Trolls now test to regenerate and successfully regenerate 3 wounds. The 3 wounds are reinstated, the slain Troll is replaced and the 2 wounds suffered are noted down. In this example the knights have scored only 2 wounds in the end while the trolls inflicted 3.Assuming no other combat bonuses apply the Trolls have won.

Fire Trolls flesh cannot regenerate when it is burned. If a troll sustains one or more wounds from flames then it cannot regenerate any wounds, not even those inflicted by ordinary weapons.

They also Vomit in the book.Vomit penetrates all armour no armour save throw is made by opponent.

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