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Grudgebringer Cavalry

Banner Grudgebringer Cavalry Units: 16
Armor: 3/5
Leader: Morgan Bernhardt

Grudgebringer Infantry

Banner Grudgebringer Infantry Units: 20
Armor: 2/3
Leader: Gunther Schepke

Grudgebringer Crossbows

Banner Grudgebringer Crossbows Units: 16
Armor: 1/3
Leader: Willem Fletcher

Grudgebringer Cannon

Banner Grudgebringer Cannon Units: 4
Armor: 1/3
Leader: Wolfgang Schwartzkopf

Carlsson's Cavalry

Banner Carlsson's Cavalry Units: 14
Armor: 4/5
Leader: Sven Carlsson

Bright Wizard

Bright Wizard Units: 1
Armor: 0/0
Leader: Luther Flamenstrike

Helmgart Bowmen

Banner Helmgart Bowmen Units: 20
Armor: 1/3
Leader: Franz Erikson

Countess' Guard

Banner Countess' Guard Units: 10
Armor: 1/2
Leader: Heinz Klemper

Dwarf Warriors

Banner Dwarf Warriors Units: 19
Armor: 2/3
Leader: Azguz Bloodfist


Banner Flagellants Units: 9
Armor: 0/0
Leader: Eusebio The Bleak

Imperial Greatswords

Banner Imperial Greatswords Units: 15
Armor: 1/2
Leader: Dieter Schaeffer

Imperial Cannon

Banner Imperial Cannon Units: 4
Armor: 1/3
Leader: Darius Flugenheim

Imperial Mortar

Banner Imperial Mortar Units: 4
Armor: 1/3
Leader: Uter Blomkwist

Imperial Steam Tank

Banner Imperial Steam Tank Units: 1
Armor: 0/0
Leader: Ludwig von Uberdorf

Outlaw Infantry

Banner Outlaw Infantry Units: 16
Armor: 3/5
Leader: Jurgen Muntz

Mercenary Ogres

Banner Mercenary Ogres Units: 3
Armor: 1/1
Leader: Urblab Rotgut

Ice Mage

Banner Ice Mage Units: 1
Armor: 0/0
Leader: Vladimir Stormbringer

Ragnar's Wolves

Banner Ragnar's Wolves Units: 12
Armor: 4/5
Leader: Eric Ragnar

Wood Elf Glade Guards

Banner Elf Archers Units: 18
Armor: 1/2
Leader: Elrod

Elf Archers

Banner Elf Archers Units: 19
Armor: 0/0
Leader: Galed

Knights of the Realm

Banner Knights of the Realm Units: 16
Armor: 5/5
Leader: Bertrand le Grande

Outlaw Pistoliers

Banner Outlaw Pistoliers Units: 9
Armor: 2/4
Leader: Stephan Weiss

Grail Knights

Banner Grail Knights Units: 12
Armor: 5/5
Leader: Tristan de la Tour


Banner Treeman Units: 1
Armor: 2/2
Leader: Knarlroot

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