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1-5 Defence of Bogenhafen

After the bandit's attack a letter is recovered, which contains the mission to find the comtess. Bernhardt's regiments ride on to the town Bogenhafen, where the comtess should be brought to. Arriving in the town, they are welcomed by the mayor, who gives them a letter marked with the same seal as the letter before. Bernhardt has to make a decision now, either protecting the town and the comtess and arriving to late at castle Helmgart, which is beleaguered by the undead, or riding on to arrive the castle in time, before its fall.

Own regiments

Grudgebringer Cavalry Grudgebringer Infantry Grudgebringer Crossbows Grudgebringer Cannon Bright Wizard Countess' Guard Helmgart Bowmen

Enemy's regiments

5xZombies 3xSkeleton Warriors 1xSkeleton Archers 1xNekromancer


The allied units start in the middle of the map and can only be set around the church.
The undead will attack from all sides and press hard on your units. On the verge of the battle a necromancer appears from north-west. To avoid needless losses, he should be attacked by a regiment, which was equipped with dispell magic by the bright wizard before.
From one of the southward houses green smoke is coming out of the chimney. This must be destroyed by the cannon or the wizard to receive the Book of Ashur.

Overview Map

Mission 1-5 Defence of Bogenhafen


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