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1-4 Bandit's attack

After cleaning the Border Counties, Bernhardt turns back to Altdorf. There the Imperator requests him to escort his daughter, the comtess Isabell, to Bogenhafen. As reward, Bernhardt is given the command over the bodyguards of the comtess. Furthermore, Bernhardt has to visit Castle Helmgart, which is placed behind Bogenhafen, to defend it against the Undead. Therefore the archers of Helmgart join his company. On the way to Bogenhafen they are ambushed and surrounded by bandits. But Bernhandt will not let the comtess be hurt, so he fights against the bandits. Sven Carlsson is assigned to defend the Border Counties further.

Own regiments

Grudgebringer Cavalry Grudgebringer Infantry Grudgebringer Crossbows Grudgebringer Cannon Bright Wizard Countess' Guard Helmgart Bowmen

Enemy's regiments

3xBanditenschwertmänner 2xBanditen-Bogenschützen 1xNekromant


Bernhardts force is starting on the path between the two forests. On the mountain in the west hostile archers are hiding, who will shoot at you, so you should take a worthless regiment, like the bodyguards of the comtess, and approach the archers from behind, using the trees to protect yourself. The hostile archers will flee at this in all probability. During this, more bandits are attacking from north and south, but these should be no problem with the long-range-weapons. A necromancer will approach on the eastern hill during the battle, but he is not dangerous and will leave, if a regiment approaches him.

Overview Map

Mission 1-4 Bandit's attack


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