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Spelleater Shield

Spelleater Shield
The Spelleater Shield is inscribed with symbols which have the power to absorb enemy magic. Whenever the bearer's regiment is the target of an enemy spell the shield has a good chance of absorbing the magic and channeling its power to any friendly mages. The shield can also negate the effects of enemy magic items. Additionally, the shield provides the bearer's regiment with a basic level of armour if they have none. This item can only be utilised by troops who are normally able to use a shield.

Spelleater Shield

Warhammer Magic Rulebook 1997 - Armour sace of 6+. Any spell cast against the bearer or unit he is with is dispelled on a roll of 3 or more on a D6. If an enemy spell is dispelled, roll a D6. On a 4+ the spell is destroyed and must be discarded. A spell from a magic item is destroyed on a 6.

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