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Shield of Ptolos

Shield of Ptolos
The Shield of Ptolos is magically inscribed with a myriad of distracting patterns and designs. The patterns magically distract arrows and bolts, sending them spinning off course. The bearer's regiment will be protected against missiles from bows, crossbows, war engines and so on. Additionally, the shield provides the bearer's regiment with a basic level of armour if they have none. This item can only be utilised by troops who are normally able to use a shield.

Location: Ein Regiment Orc Boyz besitzt in der Mission 2-4 "Blighted Towers" diesen Gegenstand. Das Regiment kann nur durch Magie und im Nahkampf vernichtet werden, daher ist es recht schwer es vor der Flucht von der Karte auszulöschen

Shield of Ptolos

Warhammer Magic Rulebook 1997 - Armour save of 6+/1+ vs missile attacks.

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