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Staff of Osiris

Staff of Osiris
The Staff Of Osiris contains magic which can unleash a powerful energy bolt. It may be cast once per magic phase, sending a blast of pure energy towards the target. Any troop in the blast's path is hit with great force. The Staff may only be carried by Wizards.

Wand of Jet

Wand of Jet
This powerful wand channels the energy of the winds of magic, providing the bearer with extra magical powers. Any spell in the bearer's repertoire can be cast for one less magic point than it would normally cost, to a minimum of one point. The Wand Of Jet may only be carried by Wizards.

Book of Ashur

Book of Ashur
This enchanted book contains mysterious secrets allowing a Wizard to increase his repertoire of spells by one, up to a maximum of five spells. The Book of Ashur may only be carried by Wizards.

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