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Mork's War Banner

Mork's War Banner
This banner is infused with the power of the Waaagh and has the ability to negate hostile spells which are cast at the bearer's regiment. Additionally, any enemy Wizard who comes into contact with the regiment will explode, dying immediately. This banner may only be carried by Orc and Goblin armies.
Banner of Arcane Warding
The banner of Arcane Warding is inscribed with sigils to twist magic aside and deflect it in unpredictable paths. When a hostile spell is cast against a regiment bearing this banner the spell is likely to be either negated or deflected towards the closest enemy regiment.
Banner of Wrath
This hallowed banner has been infused with power and can lash the enemy with bolts of pure energy. It may be cast once per magic cycle, unleashing up to six mighty lightning bolts upon enemy troops within range
Banner of Defiance
This powerful banner infuses the bearer's regiment with extra courage, making them braver and more determined. A regiment bearing this banner will never break from hand-to-hand combat and is immune to fear.

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