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3-1 Forest before Kislev

On her journey to the far regions of Kislev the imperial troops meet an ogre. He is telling them that the road to Talabheim is flooded and that they should take a different path. On this way however they have to fight. Bernhardt trusts the ogres and after a short time the fight begins...

Own Regiments

Grudgebringer Cavalry Grudgebringer Infantry Grudgebringer Crossbows Grudgebringer Cannon Bright Wizard Flagellants Imperial Greatswords Imperial Mortar Mercenary Ogres

Enemy's Regiments

2xNight Goblins 4xOrc Arrer Boyz 2xOrc Boyz 3xOrc Boar Boyz


Your deployment zone is in the middle of the map. You will be attacked by a variety of greenskins from all sides.
Deploy your Crossbows in a way that they have a good line of sight across the river in the south so that they can destroy the two upcoming archers. Don't forget the Shield of Ptolos.
Your ogres should be in the west, so that they immediately attack the Archers. Do the same with the Flagellants. The regiments in the north should be the Bright Wizard and Bernhardt. The mortar can be used as a support unit. If he has nothing todo it can be used to destroy the archers across the river.
After the first attack wave various units are attacking from all sides once again. The South can be emptied by using cannon, Ogres and the Flagellates. In the north are magicians and Bernhardt recommended.
After this this unfortenatly easy mission is over.

Overview Map

3-1 Forest before Kislev


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