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Wraiths These terrible and powerful creatures are the remains of Necromancers who were physically consumed by the evil magic they practised. Their bodies are insubstantial and can only be harmed by magic weapons or spells, which makes them very hard to kill, and they are not slowed by difficult terrain. Wraiths are supernatural creatures which cause fear and are immune to this type of psychology themselves.



Warhammer Undead 4th Edition RuleBook 1994


Those who practice Dark Magic face many terrible dangers. Some try to extend their lives for decades or even centuries beyond their natural span. Sometimes they suceed and the individual retains his physical body and mental powers but more often the result is far more horrible than death itself. Continual use of Dark Magic drains the soul and withers the body, until only an insubstantial husk remains, deprived of its substance and driven by a mind twisted by it most hideous fears.

Such miserable creatures are called Wraiths. Once they were great men, wizards of considerable power, Necromancers with legions of Undead at thier command but now they are just shadows held between life and death by their own bitterness. Thier clocks give them substance but nothing remains of thier physical bodies. Two glowing red eyes glint from beneath their cowls, glimmering with malign knowledge. They are dangerous becasue their chill touch drains life from living creatures, sucking out the warmth and spirit, driving thier victims wild with terror.

Special Rules
Wraiths are supernatural evil creatures of great power. They casue terror as described in the Warhammer Rulebook.

Wraiths are insubstantial creatures whose bodies are etherreal. They can move through solid objects and therefore suffer no penalties for moving over difficult terrain or obstacles. They can move through buildings just as easily but they cannot move through living creatures.

Immune to Psychology
Wraiths are not affected by psychology themselves. They are immune to fear, terror, panic and all other psychology tests.

Wraiths are insubstantial creatures and so cannot be harmed in combat except by attacks from magical weapons or daemons. They are affected by magic spells. They can still be beaten in hand-to-hand fighting becasue combat resluts are not wholly dependent upon casualties.

Chill Attack
The touch of Wraiths drains life from living creatures. Most creatures are drained in a single attack and are slain but creatures with several wounds will be harder to drain. If a victim takes a wound from a Wraith then it must subtract -1 from all its combat dice rolls to hit. If the victim takes 2 wounds then it subtracts -2 from its dice rolls, 3 wounds -3 and so on. Obviously, if the victim has only 1 wound then it will be killed outright, so this rule only affects creatures with several wounds.

Combat Results
If they are beaten in combat, fail their Break test and are forced to flee then Wraiths are immediately destroyed. If they win the combat then their enenmy may flee (as troops beaten by creatures which casue fear or terror are automatically broken if outnumbered). Otherwise a unit fighting a Wraith must take a Break test at the end of every turn of hand-to-hand combat and it will flee if this is failed. This means it is possible for a unit to win the combat but still end up fleeing if the Wraiths are not destroyed.

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