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Mork Save Uz

Mork Save Uz
Magic Point

This spell protects the chosen Orc or Goblin regiment from all magic for a short period of time. Mork Save Uz not only dispels any spells currently cast on the regiment but also renders the target unaffected by all magic, including friendly magic, for the duration of the spell.

Warhammer Magic Rulebook 1997
The spell affects one unit of Orcs or Goblins within 24" of the caster and stops any magic (including friendly magic) affecting them until the start of the player's next magic phase. It also automatically dispels any spells currently affecting them. Note that, apart from dispelling a spell which is already cast on the unit, Mork Save Uz! will not dispell an enemy's spell - it merely renders the unit immune to the spells effects. In almost all cases this amounts to the same thing of course- but where a spell remains in play it may mean that the unit has two spells cast upon it (Mork Save Uz! and an enemy spell). In this case the enemy spell takes effect immediately if Mork Save Uz! is dispelled. Lasts 1 Turn and is Power 1.

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