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Brain Bursta

Brain Bursta
Magic Point

The shaman sends a bolt of energy flying towards the target. The first target hit by the blast will suffer the unfortunate cosequence of their head exploding in a shower of bone and blood. Tougher creatures can withstand this mental assult, but armour offers no protection whatsoever.

Warhammer Magic Rulebook 1997
A bolt of Orcy power speeds away from the shamen in a straight line, upto 24" across the battlefield. The first model touched by the bolt must roll equal to or less than its T on D6 or its head explodes! No armour save allowed. Line of Sight and is Power 2. Note that this spell kills automatically- it doesn't inflcit wounds and so it is impossible to save against with armour saves or even with special saves which save wounds. Power 2.

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